How To Study Living Animals

In the following brief exercises the primary purpose is to arouse an active, attentive interest on the part of the pupil in various forms of animal life which may be at hand, reminding him of what and how various creatures eat, how they breathe, how they get ideas of the world, how they get about, and perhaps how they succeed where others fail herunterladen. Of secondary importance is the introduction of laboratory methods by easy stages. The pupil should feel that his natural curiosity is only being directed to definite ends and that he is free to investigate in his own way herunterladen.

The types here given are only a few of the many to be found in the early fall, and these exercises in several cases may be used for other forms than those definitely mentioned microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. There should be a great deal of promiscuous collecting by the class, and in the mass of material gathered the following types will probably be fairly abundant.