How To Study Living Animals

Supplementary Study of Wild Rabbits

If you cannot answer these questions from observations of wild rabbits, the answers may be obtained by reading some good natural history herunterladen. Ernest Thompson Seton’s story of a rabbit’s life is good for the purpose.

1. What method of locomotion is more highly developed in wild rabbits than in domestic rabbits herunterladen? Why?

2. When do wild rabbits do their feeding? Why? In what ways do they sometimes do damage in feeding?

3. What senses will probably be more alert than those of the domestic rabbit microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? Why?

4. Where do wild rabbits usually make their homes? Why? How do they guard against being cornered in their homes?

5. In what ways do they guard against surprise when feeding? What are the principal enemies of rabbits? What devices do they employ to escape enemies when pursued by them? What is thumping? When used?

6. How many young rabbits are usually produced at one time? How many litters in a season? How long does it take a young rabbit to mature?

7. How are the young of rabbits guarded against danger from enemies and weather? What are the various causes that tend to keep down the numbers of rabbits?

8. Give an account of the plagues of rabbits in Colorado and Australia, including the reasons for the great increase in numbers and the methods used to destroy the rabbits.

Summary of the Study of Rabbits

1. What has been the general effect of domestication upon rabbits?

2. What are the most important characters and habits that fit the wild rabbit for its life?