How To Study Living Animals

The Guinea Pig or White Rat

Living animals.

Observations herunterladen.

1. What regions of the body can you identify? What is the relative length of the neck, ears, legs? What about the tail?

2. Describe the color scheme of the animal herunterladen. Is it protective or the result of breeding? What is the character of the covering?

3. Describe the method and rate of locomotion microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. Would this method of locomotion enable the animal to escape from enemies (e.g.dogs)?

4. What is the shape of the foot? What is the shape and length of the claws? For what are they adapted?

5. What sounds do the animals make?

6. What is the appearance and shape of the eye? What is the color of the eye?

7. State the size and shape of the external ear. What movements are characteristic?

8. What motions of the nostrils do you see?

9. Feed the animal various kinds of food. How does it eat? State any facts you observed, to show that it has or has not a choice as to food.

10. Watch the animal for some time to determine its mental characteristics. Is it alert? curious? timid? Does it show much intelligence? affection?

What is the relation between mental development and success in the struggle for existence?


1. What are the general characteristics of the animal?

2. To what kind of life is it adapted?

3. What are some of the characteristics that make the animal a good pet?