How To Study Living Animals

Form for Field Trip Report

The notes taken on a field trip may be conveniently tabulated for permanent record in the form indicated below:—

Field Trip Report
Date________ Time________ Locality________ Pupil’s Name________

Name of Insect

Where Found

What it was Doing

Probable Food


In case the name of the insect is not known to you, use a number and some designation as to color or other mark by which it may be known until you have leisure to look up its name by means of keys or books on insects herunterladen.

Special Field Studies

The questions below may be used for a more careful field study of any insect.

1. Just where was the insect found herunterladen?

2. Note carefully what the insects are doing before they are disturbed by your presence. What did the insects do when you disturbed them? If you think this related to securing safety, explain what leads you to think so microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

3. What senses do you conclude are well developed? Reason for your conclusion.

4. Has the insect a home? If so, what is its character?

5. What is the color? What is the relation between the color of the insect and its surroundings?

6. Is the insect solitary in its habits or associated with others of the same species? If in association with others, note the numbers, and what they are doing.

7. What modes of locomotion do you observe in this insect? Which is the most common? If it flies or jumps, note the distance.

8. If you find the young, note whether they differ from the adult in general appearance, and if so, in what ways they differ. Do they differ in food?

9. What other insects do you find in the same habitat?