How To Study Living Animals


The answers to questions in this study may be conveniently written in the form of a table herunterladen. Construct this table by placing the topics at the left and the names of insects at the top. Allow ample space, about one half inch for the horizontal spaces and one and one half inches in width for the vertical columns herunterladen. Use one or two insects from each of the principal orders, letting the table extend across two opposite pages.


1. What is the habitat microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip?

2. What regions has the body?

3. How many antennæ? What is their form?

4. What kinds of eyes has the insect? How many of each kind?

5. How many legs?

6. For what kind of locomotion are the legs adapted? Which legs are thus used?

7. How many wings? Membranous or thickened?

8. What is the position of the wings when at rest?

9. If the fore wings are thickened, what is their texture,—leathery, smooth and sheath-like, partly membranous, covered with scales?

10. What kind of mouth parts,—jaws for biting, a beak for piercing, a tube for sucking, adapted for both sucking and biting?

11. By what means is respiration accomplished?