How To Study Living Animals

The Effect of Great Numbers

1. Take some insect for illustration, as the house fly, mosquito, tussock moth, or aphis, and show how insects increase in numbers with great rapidity herunterladen.

2. What can be said about the number of species of insects?

3. There is said to be great competition among insects herunterladen. Why? For what?

4. How is the great increase of insects held in check by natural means?

5. What are the various habitats of insects? Give as many as you can with examples of insects that use the habitat microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

6. Give examples to show how greatly the food of insects and the method of obtaining it varies.

7. Give some illustrations of the great muscular development of insects. Why is this needed?

8. In what various ways are insects protected against their enemies? Give examples to illustrate your statement.

9. Show how and why the great numbers of insects have affected the structure and mode of life of the insects.


1. By means of illustrations from your studies of insects show how classification is based upon likeness of structure.

2. In the same manner show how differences in structure affect classification.

3. Show how variation in the wings and mouth parts is used to separate insects into orders.

4. What are the principles of classification?