How To Study Living Animals

Suggested drawings.

a. A drawing to show all the details seen in the living paramecium.

b herunterladen. A diagram to show the path followed by a paramecium to get around some obstacle.

c. Drawings to show that paramecia are constant in shape and yet flexible herunterladen.

d. A drawing to show at least one stage in fission. This may be from a permanent preparation.

e. A drawing to show paramecia conjugating microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. This also may be from a permanent preparation.

f. Instead of all these separate drawings they may be combined into one. Represent the field of the microscope, and in it draw all necessary figures, to show the facts called for in the first five drawings and any other facts you have observed about living protozoa. Make the whole drawing to scale.

Summary of Important Points in the Study of Paramecia

1. Look back over your study of paramecia and list the different kinds of work you saw paramecia doing; also the kinds of work you infer they can do. What organs have they to use? When there is no organ to do a given thing, e.g. to digest food, how is the work done?

2. What conditions are favorable to paramecia? Why are they so numerous under favorable conditions?

3. What would you call a successful animal? Are paramecia successful? Give reasons why they are or are not.