How To Study Living Animals

Comparative Study of Protozoa

To enlarge your idea of what a cell can do, spend as much more time on the one-celled animals as your course will permit herunterladen. Any stagnant water may furnish several kinds. By means of reference books, identify as many as you can. In each case notice:—

1. Its size, shape and general appearance, comparing and contrasting it with paramecium herunterladen.

2. Its usual surroundings, i.e. the conditions it has to meet.

3. The means it has of finding out facts about its surroundings microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

4. The means it has of adjusting itself to its surroundings. For example, is it stationary? If so, what does it do when conditions change? Is it locomotory? If so, how effective is its locomotion?

5. What is its food? How does it find food?

6. Can it do as many kinds of work as paramecium can? Can it do any that paramecium cannot do? If so, what?