How To Study Living Animals

Review and Library Questions on Protozoa

1. What are the characteristics which distinguish protozoa from other animals herunterladen?

2. What are the classes of protozoa? Characteristics of each class?

3. What is digestion? Where does it take place in the protozoa?

4 herunterladen. What results from the fact that the amœba has no cell wall? (Give at least two points.)

5. In what ways are paramecia more specialized than amœba are microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? How does their greater specialization show in their work?

6. What different methods of locomotion are shown among protozoa? By what means is locomotion accomplished in each case?

7. What is encysting? Name some protozoa which encyst. How long may an encysted animal live? When do they encyst? Why?

8. Give methods of reproduction among protozoa. Which method is fitted for rapid multiplication, for withstanding drouth; for renewing vitality?

9. Many scientists speak of protozoa as immortal. What argument is there to support such a statement?

10. Why are no protozoa large animals? Give at least two reasons.

11. Why are protozoa so numerous? Why more numerous in stagnant water?

12. Where are protozoa found?

13. Why are protozoa so widely distributed?

14. Write the probable history of a piece of chalk.

15. What connection is there between protozoa and some polishing powders?

16. Where in the human body are malarial protozoa found? How are they transferred from one human being to another? Why is there likely to be more malaria in newly settled regions than in older ones? If you were obliged to spend some time in a region where malaria existed, what precautions would you take?

17. Name other diseases caused by protozoa. How are they fought?

18. What beneficial effect have some protozoa upon the water of stagnant ponds and ditches? How may some forms injure water for household purposes?

19. Give at least three reasons for thinking that protozoa are the most ancient animals.

20. Why are protozoa of great importance to the world?