How To Study Living Animals

Review and Library Exercise on Sponges

1. What are the distinguishing characteristics of Porifera herunterladen?

2. Sponges were once supposed to be plants. In what respect are they plant-like? What made students finally class them as animals herunterladen?

3. How do sponges reproduce? How are they distributed to new locations?

4. Where, as to depth of water, do most sponges grow? Where, as to oceans microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? Where, as to latitude?

5. What are some of the difficulties which confront a stationary animal? How are they overcome?

6. To what class of sponges do the “toilet” sponges belong? Why?

7. What conditions are necessary for toilet sponges to thrive? Where are the best ones found? Where are they most numerous? How are they collected? How are they prepared for market?

8. What is man able to do toward raising good sponges for market?

9. Using reference books and museum specimens, describe some especially odd sponges.


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