How To Study Living Animals

Summary of Important Points in Study of the Earthworm

1. Compared with a hydra, how many cells has an earthworm herunterladen?

2. Compared with a hydra, how much are the cells of an earthworm differentiated?

3. How are these differentiated cells usually arranged with respect to one another herunterladen? What advantage is there in this arrangement?

4. Recall the kinds of work done by paramecium, sponge, hydra, and worm, and at the same time consider also the efficiency of each microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. Can earthworms do any more kinds of work than any of the others? Can they do any more work? Can they do any of it better? Give the probable reasons for this?

Comparative Study of Worms

As many different kinds of worms as you can get, living or dead.