How To Study Living Animals

Fishes: A General Review and Library Exercise

1. Food and the feeding habits of young and of adult fishes herunterladen.

2. The diet and habits of cod; lantern-fish; swordfish; ramora; hagfish; angler; gar-pike; sturgeon; shark; sawfish; paddle-fish.

3 herunterladen. The variations, real or apparent, in the breathing habits of the porcupine-fish; the climbing-fish; the lung-fish.

4. Peculiarities in swimming as seen in the flying-fish; the flounder; the sea-horse microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

5. Intensity of sound under water, and the corresponding structure of the fish’s ear.

6. Light and sight under water (as in 5).

7. Protection of fishes: sting-ray; torpedo; coral-fish; sturgeon; lava-fish; swordfish; sawfish; pipefish.

8. The social instinct of fishes, and “schools.”

9. The breeding habits of salmon; eel; stickle-back; sturgeon; whitefish; shark; sea-horse; sunfish.

10. The fishing industries of the Great Lakes or of the cold oceans, with a list of the fishes caught and their values.

11. Fish nets and traps: seine; gill-net; pound-net; trawl, French or English; fish-wheel; fish-weir; spear; dip-net; set-line; spoon; fly.

12. The U.S. Bureau of Fisheries: its locations, its problems, and its methods.

13. The State Fish Commission, as above.

14. Game and fish laws; their purpose and their enforcement.

15. Game fish of the fresh waters; trout, bass, pickerel, and muskellunge.

16. Game fish of the ocean: tarpon, tuna, sea-bass, swordfish, and bluefish.

17. Fish as food.

18. Fish diet and leprosy.

19. Fish diet and parasitic worms.

20. Fish nuisances: carp, catfish, and dogfish.

21. Commercial products of fishes, their preparation and their uses: caviar, shagreen, cod liver oil, isinglass, and glue.

22. The geographic distribution of fishes, with means of dispersal and restriction.

23. The faunal regions of the lake (or ocean), with characteristic forms.

24. Fishes of ancient times; of the Devonian period.

25. The story of the early life of Louis Agassiz; of D. S. Jordan; of C. H. Eigenmann; of Bashford Dean.

26. Goldfish: their origin; how to care for them.

27. Fashions in fish tails, old and new.

28. Development and variation in scales; fashions in scales.

29. The common orders of fishes, with examples.