How To Study Living Animals


1. Describe the probable action of the frog’s tongue in catching a bug.

2. What advantage can you ascribe to the peculiar mode of attachment of the tongue herunterladen?

3. Of what use is the notch in the inner end of the tongue? (Note its position when the tongue lies at rest in the mouth.)

4. If the frog chewed its food, how would the existing structure of the nostrils be very inconvenient herunterladen?

5. Recall either the frog’s habit of feeding or the structure of the nostrils. Do you think the nostrils are of much service in smelling microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? State the reason for your answer.

6. Of what use are the vocal cords and why are they so muscular? Consider their use in sound making and also their condition during swallowing.

7. Of what use are the teeth? Recall the form and use of the fish’s teeth.

Suggested drawings.

a. The mouth, wide open and with tongue extended.

b. A diagram showing the path of air and of food through the frog’s mouth.