How To Study Living Animals

Comparative Study of Amphibia

Various amphibia, either dead or alive, such as newts, mud puppies (necturus), salamanders, and several species of frogs and toads, especially tree toads herunterladen.


Answer the following questions with respect to each animal:—

1. What regions of the body are present herunterladen? What is the general shape and size of the body?

2. For what kind of locomotion are the limbs fitted? How?

3. Have the hands and feet any special adaptations microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? If so, what are they and for what purpose?

4. With what organs does the animal breathe? If with gills, are they external or internal?

5. Judging from the specimen, what do you think is the habitat? Give reason for your answer.

Summary from the Comparative Study of Amphibia

1. Which of the amphibia in this study are fish-like in character? What are the fish-like characters? Do you think these fish-like amphibia are of a lower or higher type than the others? Give reasons for your answer.

2. Show how the variation in (a) the form of the body, (b) color patterns, and (c) the structure of the legs and arms of the amphibia are related to habitat and mode of life.