How To Study Living Animals

The Turtle

1. In what important ways does the body of the turtle differ from those of the snake and lizard?

2 herunterladen. What methods of locomotion has the turtle? For which method is it best fitted? How? Why are its movements in water so much less clumsy than on land? (Compare weight on land with weight in water.) Compare the efficiency of the locomotion of a turtle with that of a lizard and suggest a reason for the difference herunterladen.

3. What do turtles eat while in the laboratory? Since turtles have no teeth, how can they bite off their food?

4. What can you discover with respect to the respiration of the turtle microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip? Does it breathe when under water?

5. What sense organs has a turtle? Which appears to be most highly developed? How do you know?

6. In what various ways is the turtle protected against enemies? (You should state several.) Are you afraid of a turtle? If so, why? Why does the turtle need more protection than the snake or lizard?

7. Describe the color pattern of the turtle you are studying. Is this arrangement of colors the same for others of the same species?

8. Describe the arrangement of the epidermal plates of the turtle’s shell. Are the arrangement, number, and form of plates the same for all turtles of this species? Compare with the plates of other species. What variations do you find?