How To Study Living Animals

Reptiles: A General Review and Library Exercise

1. Characteristics of reptiles.

2 herunterladen. Orders of reptiles. Characteristics and examples of each order.

3. Poisonous snakes found in the United States. The poison fangs of a rattlesnake herunterladen. Habits of the rattlesnake.

4. Cures for snake bites, fabled and real.

5. Snake charming.

6. Famous poisonous snakes and their habits microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

7. The characteristics and habits of alligators.

8. The characteristics and habits of marine turtles. How they differ from pond turtles.

9. For what is each of the following noted? Where does it live? The terrapins? the horned toad? the Gila monster? the chameleon? the glass snake?

10. Reptiles of former (geological) times compared with those of the present.

11. Care of eggs and young. Swallowing of young by snakes.

12. Food of snakes. Defend the proposition that non-poisonous snakes are beneficial and should not be killed wantonly.

13. Investigate and write an account of the economic value of reptiles.

D. Studies of Birds

Vertebrates specialized for Flight