How To Study Living Animals


1. Make a list of the important adaptations of the pigeon, (a) to flight, (b) to feeding, (c) to perching, and (d) to protection herunterladen.

2. Which is the most highly specialized, the fish, frog, snake, or bird? Give reasons for your answers.

3. In what various ways are feathers of use to the bird herunterladen?

Suggested drawings.

a. Side view of the head.

b. A foot.

c. A wing.

d microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. Side view of the pigeon.

Supplementary Studies of the Pigeon

These topics and questions should be answered from experience with pigeons and observations of their habits and behavior, and from books to be obtained from the school and public libraries.

1. The homing instinct of the common blue pigeon and of carrier pigeons.

2. Nesting habits, number of broods and number of young in each brood, feeding the young. Why is this method of feeding the young necessary?

3. Varieties or breeds of pigeons. How the various varieties were produced; how they are kept true; reversions of type.

4. Darwin’s experiments with the pigeons; object of the experiment. Whitman’s experiments.