How To Study Living Animals

Study of the Migration of Animals in General

The migration of birds is only one case of a phenomenon which is comparatively common herunterladen. From your text and reference books find other examples of migration. What are the causes which make animals migrate? What methods do various animals use herunterladen? What are some results of these migrations? Summarize your study in the following thesis:—

The distribution of animals.

1. The necessity for this distribution microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

2. Methods of distribution—voluntary—involuntary.

Note.—See in review the methods used to spread corals, hydroids, and other sedentary forms, starfish, clams, etc., as well as those used by the various vertebrates.

3. Time when migration occurs. Consider here the young of most animals, and the movements of many birds, as well as movements caused by some accidental occurrence.

4. Distance that animals move from the place of their birth.

5. Factors which determine the routes of distribution.

6. Factors which limit distribution.

Migration maps.

1. A map to show the migration route of the birds of your region.

2. A map to show the migration of the potato beetle (or English sparrow or any other animal the extension of whose range has been studied).

3. A map of the world, showing the zonal areas.

4. A map of North America, showing the distribution of the ungulates, with the boundaries and barriers marked.

5. A map of North America, showing the distribution of the fur-bearing animals.

6. A map of the world, showing the distribution of the human races.

E. Studies of Mammals

To illustrate Man’s Relation to Other Animals; the Connection between Mode of Life and Structure