6 Tablet Computer Productivity Tips


Being a workshifter is a constant quest for productivity. Do more with as little as possible – at least, that was one of the reasons I used to justify buying a tablet computer earlier this year.

As such, I’ve been putting my iPad 2 to the test. My goal was to figure out if tablets could really replace laptops, as I certainly want them to. Carrying my tablet is so much more convenient, not to mention the ease of taking it through airport screening.

However, I’ve discovered the key to being productive with my tablet is contingent upon the amount of planning I do. Using a tablet for a long trip or heavy-duty work does take some forethought, so for those of you out there trying to go tablet only, here are some tips to consider:

Internet Access

Get both 3G and Wi-Fi on your tablet so that you can access the Internet from anywhere. The internet is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

File Access

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to access a document when you need it. Apps like GoToMyPC give you the peace of mind of knowing you can grab a file when necessary. It’s like cloud storage but better, because all of your files are right where you’re used to finding them on your PC. It also means no more fumbling around for a thumb drive.


I know, this sounds so fundamental, but managing battery life has become an essential skill for workshifters. When you’re unsure of your next electrical outlet, make sure your equipment is fully charged, and to help conserve power, separate tasks by the most appropriate device. Don’t attempt tablet-level jobs on your phone and vice versa.


Typing on a flat screen takes some getting used to, and I’m not sure I’ve completely perfected it. Short messages are no worries, but longer messages, well, are a little weird. If you’re like me, then do what I did and get a cover for your tablet that has a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. It makes typing very convenient.

Tablet Covers

Speaking of convenient, having the ability to angle your tablet screen is very helpful. It’s probably because we’re used to having the screen angled on our laptops. Whether it’s a smart cover or something else, having a cover to give that little angle makes a difference.


What discussion about tablets would be complete without mentioning apps? These days there’s an app for everything. On one hand, that’s a good thing for productivity. On the other, it means we have to resist the urge to download a bunch of apps we’ll never use. Here’s a post to help you manage your workshifting lifestyle.

Got any tips or resources to improve tablet productivity?

Photo Credit: C.C. Chapman