Enterprise Features That Set Windows Phone 7 Apart From Android And IOS

Robert Scoble made the comment that there is nothing that Windows Phone 7 does that Android and IOS don’t.  Well here are 4 huge features that make Windows Phone 7 superior in Enterprise environments netflix follow pc.

ADFS 2.0 Support:  Many of you don’t live in "Real" enterprise, but I do. Active Directory support means that the phone can play on the network in a secure way and you can build HIPAA compliant apps (that pesky requirement if your company works with Medical Records), apps that talk to secure network resources, and that are managed by centralized IT herunterladen. (you know the kinds of things that people who have to do real work need)

Private/Enterprise Market Place:  Built a bunch of internal apps, or bought site licenses to an app rsh app herunterladen? You don’t need to go through an approval process. the Private market place lets you deploy apps in one place with out going through the scrutiny of big brother herunterladen.Enterprise Features That Set Windows Phone 7 Apart From Android And IOS  By putting your apps in one place user don’t have to hunt, you don’t need approval, and you can limit access to your applications mozilla firefox 64 deutschen.

Forefront Universal Access Gateway: Like VPN for your Phone.  FUAG allows phones to access intranet resources over Cellular networks.  Encrypted, Secure, and managed via the same ADS/Group Policies that are already on your network.  FUAG can also be used to grant users access to their desktop, network shares, printers and other intranet resources facebook fotos herunterladen erlaubt.

Managed EAS policies:  Require Password, Password Strength, Remote Wipe and Reset to Factory Settings with multiple failed unlock attempts allow IT to make sure that that prototype app lost in a bar, or the contacts that the CEO has don’t fall in to the wrong hands knx ets5 downloaden.

Silicon Valley types often thing that their individuality is important, but Windows was built on the idea that people need to get work done, and windows phone despite being marketed as the "social hub" is also the get work done phone wormate io herunterladen. with all of the enterprise features necessary to make it part of a secure deployment with centralized management.