My Doctor Explains The Hierarchy of the Universe

I have one of the most wonderful M.D.’s in the world. She and I are rarely in the same place because she works with Mayo Clinic, and studies a "Genetic Anomaly" that effects my blood herunterladen. But she also calls to say, "Hi, how you doing, got your blood test, let’s talk about your week".

You see the blood test I get twice a week, looks at WAY more than red and white blood cell counts, it includes, pH, Sugar levels, electrolyte levels, hormone levels, and a bunch of other things, and that combined with my food journal helps her to decides what is causing what. 

She says to me today .net 4.8 herunterladen. "You are having a People are Stupid week aren’t you?"  And I said "probably a little more than usual yes."  – "Your Sugar intake is up, your blood sugar is down, your Electrolyte intake is up, your Electrolytes are down, and your  ‘normal reds’ are up but so are your ‘bad reds’" (my gene issue means my red blood cells don’t come out right all the time)   "You really need to get past this herunterladen. Have you considered getting laid?"

This is a recurring theme with her.  Pointing out that I have a more optimistic and forgiving view of those around me when I’m in a relationship, which she seems to equate to "having sex" herunterladen.

What I think is interesting about all of this is after she said the comment about "people are stupid". I could recall everything that had happened in the week that made me think that, and looking back at them all at once, it hit me vera.

The thing that so often makes me grumpy is that people routinely brag about an accomplishment that that clearly did what they did wrong. People so incompetent at their job that they have a failure in the eyes of anyone who knows what they are doing, and they view it as a success. 

So I tell this to her, and her response spotify herunterladen tv. "I work for one of the most prestigious medical institutions on the planet.  I am a leader in my field.  Today I listened for 20 minutes while the Doctor supervising the lab tech who took your blood told me how a treatment I invented 6 years ago might help you, and used the phrase ‘I am pioneering a new treatment’ google b├╝cher downloaden kostenlos. You are a good kid Brandon. But one day you will wake up and you will realize that the bottom 75% of the world knows there are smart people in the world herunterladen. The next 20% of the world knows it is smarter than 75% of the world, but they are completely oblivious to even the possibility that there is 5% of the world who are smarter than they are radio music download for free legal. We call the people in this tier, Douches."