Chicago News Anchor Tells Kids There’s No Santa

A Chicago newscaster recently got in some very hot water for a grinchy attitude toward Santa Claus.

WFLD news anchor Robin Robinson had just finished delivering a report advising parents how to curb their children’s high-budget holiday gift expectations what is video herunterladen 1.0.0. As news anchors will sometimes do, Robinson then decided to add her two cents on the issue.

What’s her answer to keeping children’s gift lists realistic herunterladen? Why, tell them there’s no Santa at all of course.

“Stop trying to convince your kids that Santa is Santa,” Robinson opined. “That’s what my take is herunterladen. Forget about it. That’s why they have these high expectations. They know you can’t afford it, so they’re going to ask some man in a red suit herunterladen. There’s no Santa!”

While everyone’s certainly entitled to their opinion about child rearing, Robinson probably should’ve saved this one for a more opportune moment ltspice download kostenlos. Especially since she made this statement on air, without a warning to send little Santa believers out of the room and during the prime time broadcast free puzzle.

Robinson, apparently not satisfied with bursting the bubble of all the tots in Chicagoland within earshot of a television tuned to WFLD, went on to state that children should be told the truth about Santa Claus as soon as they can talk hoe website.

Parental ire knows no bounds, and nothing gets a parent going more than when you hurt their child. Telling a whole city full of kids there’s no Santa at the beginning of December is a bad, bad idea calibri schriftart herunterladen. Robinson found this out the hard way as complaints went through the roof in the 24 hours after her ill-considered speech.

The next evening Robinson was back on the air, tail set firmly between her legs htc apps herunterladen.

“It was careless and callous to say what I said in what could have been mixed company,” Robinson stated. “So many kids don’t get to be children that for those who do get to live the wonder and magic of Christmas, I would never spoil it intentionally sky go app mac herunterladen. So I sincerely apologize.”

Here’s hoping Robinson isn’t allowed to deliver reports related to Easter or the Tooth Fairy.