Men Say ‘I Love You’ Before Women According To Study

As everyone knows scientists spend most of their time thinking up brilliant hypotheses and solving the mysteries of the universe. When they announce a conclusion it is always as a result of intense research, thought and dedicated study. So when scientists say men are usually the ones to say ‘I love you’ first, we should absolutely believe it.
Personally, I think the men and women in the white coats should stick to studying the Big Bang.
According to a group of researchers, men are 70 percent more likely to say those three little words which tend to change every dynamic of coupledom than women. Especially after the couple has sex. Men are also much happier to hear those words returned after intercourse.
The same study indicated women not only tend to say the words second, they generally don’t say them prior to having sex at all.
The experts say this is a result of evolution. According to them hearing ‘I love you’ in a time before birth control would only be meaningful after sex because it would signify the other person’s feelings were true as opposed to using the phrase as a persuader.
I’ve got news for the experts, not a whole lot has really changed. We still equate hearing those words too soon from a man as the man in question angling for personal time. Or desperation. Either reason is less than attractive.
So this part of the impressive scientific study is less than surprising.
The more startling aspect is that men say ‘I love you’ first. It’s also the point I don’t believe. It isn’t because I buy into the stereotype of the strong, silent, show- no-feelings male.
Yes, women tend to hold off on saying the Big Three because we expect men to run when they hear those words. We believe the men we’re so attached to will automatically think we want a white picket fence and 2.5 kids just because we’ve fallen for them. Or that they’ll believe we’re trying to cling too tightly or force a commitment. While generally speaking none of this is true, it is why women often hesitate.
The thing is, men hesitate longer. Maybe it’s insecurity or the fact that when you tell someone you love them it gives that person a certain amount of power, but they do wait longer. Intense scientific research notwithstanding, I’ve never known a man to say ‘I love you’ first. This includes every male friend I have.
One specifically told me he’d rather “have dental work without Novocain” than say he loves someone first. Even if the feeling was there.
The fact is women are just braver than men are when it comes to sharing their feelings. Regardless of scientific studies and evolution.