NeatDesk Arching solution for Mac/PC

NeatDesk ships an all in one solution for arching documents, business cards and receipts and does so with easy to use documentation, customizable fields and easy to follow directions vti imageen. The box containing the hardware/software is is designed in such a way as to protect the contents but is easy to unload and  eco friendly to tear down alle bilder einer urlen. The Software comes in a separate foldout folio that has sleeves for the software, included test sheet to calibrate the scanner and step by step instructions lwarb mods herunterladen. Setup and calibration of the scanner/software is a breeze. Simply plug in the scanner with the power cord and USB cable, set aside. Install software on the computer, plug in scanner, insert provided half sheet of paper and hit the calibration button herunterladen.


The scanner provided by Neat has 3 slots, one for business cards, one for receipts and one for documents instagram download saved images. Each slot is a subset of the whole as it is all built into the design of the scanner(optionally it can be removed if the user wants to scan larger than 20 pages of documents at a time) word viewer kostenlos herunterladen. I started off with a hand full of receipts that I had from various venders like, Fry’s, JC Penny and  Home Depot. I simple took the receipts, grouped them together in one stack, placed them into the receipts holder(face up) on the scanner and hit scan(there is a button on the scanner as well as one built into the software) alte netflix app downloaden. I watched as the receipts were scanned quickly, one after the other taking less than 20 seconds to scan more than 30 receipts. As each receipts was scanned it appeared in the software window with an exact image of what had been scanned gps routes downloaden garmin. After the scanned image shows up you simply highlight the receipt image and tell the software it is a receipt. When you do this the fields such as Company, price,tax,date and any other information appear automatically and are associated with that receipt wat is fbif. The user has the choice to further add additional information and custom text fields as needed as well as “Dragging” any information from the scanned document over to the provided text fields instagram videos download online.


The scanner has the ability to scan two sides at once so documents like bank document, Credit Card summaries can be scanned in as one document. The ability to scan in B&W text, B&W Image and Color allows for almost any type of document to be scanned and archived. Scanned Documents can be associated with your address book, mailed to email recipients or exported to these files formats(PDF, Image,CSV, Spread Sheet, Quicken, Tax Data). The software has 3 default folders(Documents, Receipts, Business Cards) but user can add additional folders and sub folder. NeatDesk also lets the user create “Smart Folders” based on certain criteria set up by the user such as: All Receipts, All Receipts from a certain date etc.….


The software provides the user with the ability to further customize the interface, folder structure and fields. The views provided allow the user to see just the receipts on a page or view in a report template form. The report template form allows the user to create expense reports and can export either all receipts, by date or selected items. The reports can be prepared for business travelers or for home owners whishing to get a leg up on their taxes or like me to tackle years of papers stashed away in file cabinets.. Report options include a drop down list of summary groups which include: vendor, date and sales tax.  All reports can include a cover page that’s includes text fields for( Title, Name, Date, Company and Notes).


NeatDesk is a great solution for archiving Documents into easy to use bits of information that can easily be aggregated into unique forms for Business, Tax information, home accounting or any other discipline where organization of paper based documents is needed.