What is the best “Games on Demand” service?

I have been an avid gamer for many years and have used many services that deliver games as a download. These services range from simple, puzzle games to full blown titles like Call of Duty MW3 7 zip download kostenlos deutsch windows 7. The first service I will be discussing is STEAM, by the makers of the Team Fortress and Half Life Series herunterladen. Valve, the makers of steam is a company that started as a game maker but saw the need for control over the games they distributed. The service was setup around a hand full of titles they produced and was the first of its kind in the gaming industry asphalt 8 free for pc.


The Steam user interface looks like this:



The Interface provides the user the ability to choose new titles, browse currently download games, scan the community for new friends and keep up on current news surrounding that title video on ipad. In addition, Steam also has a tremendous amount of developer tools for MOD makers(game additions that do not ship with a normal title. These additions, in many cases provided by the gamer community provide additional content that help prolong the life of any title google play store musik download kostenlos.


Next up is EA’s new digital delivery system called, ORIGIN bewerbungsmappe kostenlosen. Unlike Steam, ORIGIN only provides the user to access games made by EA and does not offer the user the ability to download titles from other developers jewel puzzle kostenlosen. The Origin Interface looks like this:



The interface for Origin is limited to finding games and finding friends, gone is the ability to find current news about the title you have or access forums or community events herunterladen. Origin, as far as I can tell is less of a portal and more of a sales front to sell there own content. Since Origin is still in Beta I will move onto another service in hopes that this platform becomes more integrated with more common features found in other online services herunterladen.


The last service I will talk about is called Game Tap kataster herunterladen. Game tap, unlike Origin and Steam does not have a client you can download. All purchases are done from a wen interface and the model of purchase, download and play is the same as Steam and Origin. Unlike Origin though, Game tap has titles from all developers and is a true portal not just a digital download service.


The Interface for Game tap looks like this:



All services except Origin give you the ability to download games from other developers but certain titles will be only available from one service or another. Games like Battle-filed 3 are only available on Origin(as its an EA title) while other EZ titles are available on other platforms. Also to consider is how long a given title will be available and what rights you have to the ownership of that game.


Case in point, Dragon Age 2, originally this title was available on the Steam portal for purchase, some months later it had been removed with no explanation as to why it was withdrawn. Only later after pressure from the gamers community did EA respond with the reasons why it withdrew the title from Steam.


In the next article I will expand on the Digital games download services to include On live which sets a new standard for online gaming and a peek at SAAS or Software as a service.