Why Peyton Manning Won’t Be Playing For The Indianapolis Colts In 2012

The Indianapolis Colts have their eye on a Stanford quarterback who might cause Peyton Manning to exit the 2012 roster.

Andrew Luck is an amazing college quarterback and everyone agrees he is ready to make the move from Stanford to the NFL.  The Colts have been scouting him, and clearly want him, but any team that drafts Luck is going to want to play Luck. Teams don’t have room for two star quarter backs, so if the Colts pick luck in their first round draft, it is unlikely Peyton Manning will stay.  Peyton’s father and manager has made it pretty clear that Manning is not ok with the Colts picking up another QB.  The Colts can’t trade Manning so recruiting luck will cost them $28 Million dollars as a "divorce" fee, unless they are willing to risk not having Manning or Luck. (they would be committed to paying Peyton before the draft was made)Why Peyton Manning Won't Be Playing For The Indianapolis Colts In 2012

Manning and Andrew Luck get along just fine, this is purely about business, and play time.  As personalities both men are warm friendly folk who don’t have any animosity towards each other. In fact Luck has expressed that he would like to learn from Manning.  Unfortunately you don’t recruit someone with Lucks talent to have him ride the bench. You let him learn on the front lines and that means benching manning.

Peyton would prefer that the colts trade the right to luck for other players or draft picks that could help Peyton build a team that will win more Super Bowls.  As a Colt’s fan it would be nice if all of these politics issues could be solved and life could go on, but the potential for a divorce is high, and fans like kids often get dragged in.

Peyton has been out on injuries, but last week was cleared to throw in pads, and his locker is now ready for him to return to practice. He may soon be back on the practice field in his red jersey practicing as usual.

Jim Glazer is a bit more pessimistic about the whole thing "From what I’m being told, Peyton wants to suit up and take some snaps this year, at some point – next week, the week after. I don’t see that happening. I think the team may end up protecting him from himself. But he’s trying."

So the Colts are likely to not have much of Manning for 2011, and if they pick up Luck, they won’t have him for 2012 either.