Small Business Makes You Feel Good. It Is Not Good For The Economy

Walmart is cheap because they don’t offer amazing service, they buy in bulk, they use distribution centers to minimize shipping costs, and labor.  All that means they have a lower carbon foot print shuttle run testen. Insurance and Pay roll is cheaper by the 1,000. You get all those efficiencies.image

Buying from small businesses tends to send more money overseas, because as  small business owners we tend to consumer more disposable products than large businesses which have more optimized supply chains, less paper paper work, and consume less energy and space per $1 of revenue.  Its like Organic food that consumes 4x the petroleum that Agriculture would lotto app herunterladen. Things that “feel good” in the short view are often not good in the long view.

Then you have Mom and Pop. They can treat you like a human, but they are filling 4 roles being everything from mail clerk to accountant to marketing manager songs kostenlosen youtube. As a result they are over paying for Mail-room, and de-valuing the price of the Marketing department. As a result small businesses pay LESS for a skill set than a big business, and often aren’t employing as many people per $1 of revenue because more dollars are going in to consumables, and Rent herunterladen.
If you are a business owner with remote employees (like me) the scales tip some, but that’s not the “typical” business owner. But also unlike this graphic, I have no daughter to send to school, nor am I buying the son I don’t have a team jersey where to download midi files.

When you shop at Target they give back 1% of Gross revenue, and if your school signs up for it they give an additional 1% when you mention that you want proceeds to go to the school at check out herunterladen. when you consider 15% margin, that is about 10% of Net revenue. I didn’t donate 10% of my net last year to charities in my community. Did you?

I am sure it would be better for the economy if I took a “real” job acrobat reader download chip deutsch kostenlos. But I like having a company, and building something. I’m excited for people to support small business, just don’t do it because you think it helps the economy herunterladen. Do it because you like the quality of service. And if a big company gives you better quality of service USE THEM. Competition is like the rising tide, it raises all ships translator herunterladen.