Geeks: The Best-Kept Valentines Secret

Today we have a guest post from Maria McManus. Maria is the co-founder of the Leading Geeks Company, a firm dedicated to helping businesses people collaborate productively with tech people herunterladen. She is writing a book called “Loving Geeks: A Nongeek’s Guide to Finding True Love with the Best People on Earth.”


I never thought I’d love a geek, never in a million years warum kann ich netflix app nicht downloaden.

I dated artists and musicians. I thought I wanted love songs and poetry.

If geeks were sexy, I couldn’t see it. I admit that I was a little geek-curious, but my interest in them was thwarted by tepid first impressions ps4 version 7 herunterladen nicht möglich. They were fashion-oblivious, avoided eye contact, and took way too long to respond when I said hello. But then I found myself romantically involved with a geek, and I started to rethink sexy herunterladen.

What’s going on here? Could it be that there’s a real Superman behind white shirt and pocket protector of my Clark Kent?

And, I had to find out if it was just my guy or if geeks really were kind of wonderful herunterladen. So I surveyed and interviewed dozens of women who love geeks and what I discovered really surprised me.

Geeks really do make exceptionally great mates herunterladen. And it’s their very geekiness that gives them decided romantic advantages.

That rational, logical approach to …. well everything … means that when he commits to you, he has thought it through, and really means it sky ticket movies. That steadfast devotion to truth means that he won’t lie to you. That boundless curiosity means that you’ll always have something to talk about ich kann keine mms herunterladen. That attention to detail means that he’ll pick up on your subtle cues in bed. And that spirit of experimentation means that your sex life will never be boring, as you try new things to optimize your pleasure whatsapp für android kostenlos herunterladen.

So this Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have a geek to love, go out and try to snag one.

And if you already love a geek, it’s time to count your lucky stars and tell your geek how truly fortunate you are waldgeräusche kostenlosen.

And if you are a geek who is single and lonely, and you have even a shadow of a doubt about your worthiness as a lover, take a minute to realize what a great catch you are.

Download “Loving Geeks: The Unsung Heroes of Romance” You’ll get 10 surprising reasons the analytically minded make the best mates.

Photo Credit: linnybinnypix.