Klout, Twitter, and YouTube: Why Medium Matters

Honestly I don’t care about Klout. Really. I don’t, but then an idiot mentioned it as a factor in hiring.. We thought your CV was awesome, but we are hesitant because your Klout doesn’t list you as a thought leader on <insert topic> android foto herunterladen.
Really? You expected that I tweet about that? Who would listen?

But then I looked at who Klout thinks I influence and who influences me. Jake Ludington wasn’t on the list chrome voor pc downloaden. Of people who influence me on twitter he is top of my list.Robert Scoble wasn’t either. Not that he should be, Love him as I do we don’t interact in that forum much, but I thought his score might put him on my list free youtube mp3 converter download kostenlos deutsch 2012. Robert Clarkewas. That was weird. I mean Robert is a great guy, I respond to him, but I have never done so on the things Klout lists as his influences herunterladen. (Robert is influential on MineCraft and Mom’s) I have nothing against Mom’s but my interest in them and Robert’s are likely very different zoom download mac german free.

So the I set out to improve my Klout. See what it took. Signing up moves your number +10 almost right away. but nothing I could do put me in striking distance of Roberts 59 smart switch pc download kostenlos. A month of making sure to tweet, getting my YouTube audience to like my videos so I would get an insane number of mentions, and I’m still only a 58 i care app herunterladen.
65 is the magic you are in the big time, and it seems that is a long long ways away. What really strikes me, the lack of weight on YouTube. Thousands of people watch me for 3 minutes a day herunterladen. Certainly 30k user minutes a day is worth more than 30k reads of a tweet. By a lot.

Having this conversation with a Marketing VP at a Fortune 50 company, “Of course you are right, but how do you quickly measure that?”. 

“You go to the YouTube persons video page and look at how many views their videos have on what topic.”

“But that only tells you what they talk about, not what they are influential about.”

This is a smart guy, but clearly he doesn’t get that Klout doesn’t measure real influence ps vita games to. It measures what people talk about.  It is the marketing hype that Klout has put out. People in marketing don’t have an easy tool to do give accurate measure so they use the tool that is easy and don’t care about the accuracy herunterladen.

It really is too bad that Empire Avenue  factors interactions on it’s own site so heavily because it’s scoring makes a lot more sense. It looks at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other mediums that Klout is missing.  While its YouTube Scoring isn’t perfect it is a factor. The emphasis is more on quantity of interactions than quality, but it does at least track multiple mediums.


I intentionally don’t use the Empire Avenue bits to keep my score accurate, watching my share price isn’t a “game” for me, it is a tool to let me know I haven’t been doing enough interacting to actually keep my users “moving”.

There is a (oh dear god I can’t believe I’m going to say this) synergy, between the mediums. Something that none of the scores takes in to account. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube interact to create traffic that has value.  My reach because of YouTube + Twitter is greater than if I was only on Twitter. And the weightings don’t favor the Impact that YouTube has as heavier than that of Twitter. But it is at least a start in the right direction.

The tools for social media monitoring suck today. It really is that simple. They seem to be written by people who don’t get marketing and don’t get social media. I hope this changes in the near future, but in the mean time. Empire Avenue flawed as it is offers better detail than Klout, and if they would make a version of their score specifically for marketers they would probably have a real revenue model, rather than treating social as a game.