Networks Strain to Keep Pace with Data Explosion

In One Minute, Facebook Logs 6 Million Pages Views, Google Handles 2 Million-Plus Search Queries, Twitter Adds More Than 320 Accounts and the Data Deluge Threatens to Overwhelm Network Infrastructure


Network infrastructure as a topic lacks the sex appeal of slick mobile devices, cool social and location apps, streaming music or viral videos herunterladen. Yet without the fast-flow of data a robust network infrastructure supports, they all come to a grinding halt. We’ve looked before at the strain our collective appetite for mobile devices and video places on networks (Tech Companies Tackle Wireless Traffic Jam) herunterladen. This infographic demonstrates the enormity of the need for network capacity beyond just mobile and video uses and forecasts a future that assures that network providers will be scrambling to keep pace Download and install ubuntu.


InternetMinuteInfographic.jpgSource: Intel (Flickr image)

Right now, almost 640 Terabytes of data move across global IP networks in a single minute adobe flashen. Smartphone and social networking application usage comprise much of that data tidal wave.


In one minute…



Today’s data volume challenges network providers to keep pace with an insatiable hunger for bandwidth, yet the future promises to make the demand more acute youtube videos to mp3en. The number of networked devices now approximately equals the global population, but by 2015 it’s projected to double vw bordbuch herunterladen. Just 3 years from now, it will take 5 years to view all the video crossing IP networks in one second ringtone iphone.



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