RIP 9 to 5


USA Today recently reported on its top 2012 business trends sims 4 erweiterungspack zum verwenden herunterladen. To my great surprise and overwhelming joy, the “death of the 9 to 5” was a prominent item on the list. Cited for obvious reasons – the proliferation of mobile devices, laptops and wireless connectivity – which a mainstream audience could comprehend, the report failed to underscore the true value of what it means to lay the traditional 9 to 5 to rest and what challenges may lay in its path von netflix herunterladen.

Greater productivity, creativity and physical and mental well-being come to mind immediately; anyone who currently workshifts can certainly attest to one or all of these benefits icloud bilder downloaden windows. But I cannot help focusing on how the mainstream needs to change to make workshifting more commonplace.

For the most part, organizations are wary of workshifters samsung töne herunterladen. They save this “special arrangement” for unique situations, which, in my mind, only serves to exacerbate the bias. Instead, organizations who dare to allow some (if not all employees) to workshift should examine the methods, processes and upsides of the workshifting minority and slowly begin to infiltrate the practice and the technology into the greater employee population congstar apn herunterladen.

I recently worked on a proposal with a senior level manager at Citrix. We were able to arrange an off-site meeting on a day when he was – you guessed it – workshifting netflix to pc. By way of conversation, he shared with me that the practice of workshifting is not only encouraged but also enforced by the organization, ensuring that employees “walk the walk” and utilize the technology upon which the company’s mission is built lieder von youtube legal und kostenlos herunterladen. Now, that makes sense since Citrix strongly supports “powering the virtual workforce” – their technology is available for all to adopt, collaborate and then transform their organizations with amazon software herunterladen!

According to Citrix CEO, Mark Templeton, “Three simple words are changing the world: whatever, whenever, wherever.” Amen to that and to the death of the 9 to 5 beautiful Christmas cards to download.

Photo Credit: kitch