YouTube Favoring Videos With Ads In Recommendations And Search

YouTube is pushing “Partner Promotion” in an email sent to those in the YouTube Partner program.  Combined with a change that now favors the videos which add the most user minutes to YouTube’s audience, this new program promotes videos with ads (partner videos) in the recommendations and in search results.  This of course makes a lot of sense, (and cents) for YouTube, and is probably good for partners, but it also means that YouTube users will have their viewing experience interrupted a lot more often herunterladen.

I was recently annoyed that there is no easy way to post content and not have pre-roll ads included on my content (I’m ok with overlays and side bar ads, but if I see the ad for Sony Laptops one more time I might break something).  Google has been a lot more aggressive with ads on YouTube and driving users to the content that contains them herunterladen.

Follows is the email sent to partners.


Helping You Grow Your Audience

Creativity runs rampant on YouTube thanks to you – our amazing YouTube creators – who collectively upload over 60 hours of entertaining, engaging and inspiring videos every minute herunterladen. We know the whole creation process keeps you busy and that it can sometimes be hard to find time to promote your channels.
In the past, we’ve tried to ease this burden by promoting you with Featured Videos and other on-site placements kartenspiele zumen kostenlos. We will continue to do this, but we want to allow you to focus more on creating the best content you can and help you find new audiences off YouTube.
To this end, we are happy to announce YouTube Partner Promotion, a new program that aims to grow your audience by bringing together new and existing tools to showcase your content on YouTube and relevant sites across the web herunterladen. The newest of these tools, automatically turns your videos into ad units and places them on the Google Display Network where they can reach 92% of the internet population kahoot downloaden pc. You can think of it as extending Featured Videos across the web.
How does this work fonts sicher downloaden?
If you are a partner in the US, UK, India or Australia, you are eligible to have your content promoted on and off YouTube through this program series netflix laptop. In fact, there is nothing you have to do–you are already opted in and YouTube will handle all the promotion. We cannot guarantee how much promotion you will receive but we expect that thousands will receive support old music for free. What we can guarantee is that we will continue to look for ways to expand YouTube Partner Promotion—both globally and with new features—and let you know as soon as we do herunterladen.
You can watch this video or review these FAQs to learn more about how this program works.
Your success as a creator is central to our success as a platform, and we’ll continue to do all we can to spread the word about how truly awesome you are.
The YouTube Team