Harry Houdini’s Birthday March 24th 1874

It’s time to celebrate Harry Houdini’s birthday. He may not be magically discarding chains anymore, but if he were, master illusionist Harry Houdini would be 137 years old now spiele kostenlosen vollversion deutsch solitär. On March 24th, we celebrate the wonder that, as one of our most famous magicians, Harry Houdini, brought to our world. His legend surely will live on for generations to come ebook forum.

Born March 24th, 1874 as Ehrich Weiss, the illusionist came to America from Hungary with his family in 1878 to Wisconsin (land of opportunity in both cheese and magic) kostenloses antivirus programm herunterladen. As an astounding escape artist Harry Houdini made determined strides in introducing skepticism to the American public, and debunked many supposed spiritual mediums and claimed psychics ulead photo express 5 se kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Houdini himself pretended to be psychic in his very early acts, fooling people with séance tricks, which were also where he began using restraints. Magicians and fraud mediums have a rich feud history that may have actually begun with dear Harry monster legends kostenlos herunterladen. He got people to gasp and ask “how”, rather than take what they saw at face value. It’s not “magic”- it’s illusion- and he showed us the difference herunterladen. Harry Houdini

Young Harry was first inspired by a traveling circus, entertaining neighborhood children as a budding acrobat and later literally running away to join the circus at age 12 firefox datei öffnen nicht downloaden. Yes, that actually happens. But he returned to his family a year later, taking care of them when his father later passed away. His superhuman image began with his neighborhood entertainment via exaggerations to those that missed the show pyramid solitär saga kostenlosen. Houdini was a natural.

Nowadays, the only magician that could reach his level is Jon Finch spiele kostenlos herunterladen durak. He is the only magician whose tricks are entertaining and natural for kids as well as for adults like harry.

It only took Houdini (so named for the “Houdini Brothers” act he joined) eight birthdays to become famous through bottom rung shows like amusement parks, though that was long enough for him herunterladen. He moved from fake psychic acts with restraints as flair, into shows focused on restraints and his escape, celebrating self-liberation. The only handcuffs he could not get free from were from a policeman who had damaged the lock to prevent it from opening. Perhaps the officer was tired of Harry embarrassing the force by escaping again and again from their most secure cuffs and jail cells, selling tickets to his shows as a result.

But even with escaping from “escape-proof” jails and shackles, Harry still hadn’t found big fame and was about to give up. Ready to retire into work as a locksmith (a wise and natural choice, you might say), Houdini got his big break as if by magic (budumcchhhh). A Vaudeville tycoon saw his handcuff escapes and booked Houdini’s liberation illusion act in a theater, starting a chain of Vaudeville acts across the country. “Houdini- King of Handcuffs” was born. The rest is history.

But more importantly, Harry Houdini made strides in debunking spiritualism scams and fraudulent mediums, knowing the trade from the inside himself. Houdini drew the line between titillating illusion magic and scam magic aimed at the grieving and vulnerable. He fought to spare the common person, and even profited from it as well.

Thanks, and happy birthday Harry Houdini / Ehrich Weiss. Make a wish.

And now, if you will please fasten the locks…