Robert Bunsen Birthday: March 31st

Hopefully you at some point got to know a Bunsen burner at least in your high school chemistry class. Perhaps you even lost an arm hair or two on the fun little device von onedrive bilder herunterladen. Interestingly the Bunsen burner was not actually invented by Robert Bunsen, just named for him because he improved the current type of burner for his work in spectroscopy free swarm swarms. Robert Bunsen’s birthday, March 31st 1811, should be a day to celebrate great achievements in science, especially those Dr. Bunsen made.

Though the man behind the name of one of our most identifiable lab tools, Robert Bunsen should rather be remembered for his many other contributions to the chemistry field and science in general wdr beitrag herunterladen. Perhaps being the youngest of four boys in Göttingen, Germany to a university professor, he felt he had something to prove and live up to. Being surrounded by the academic environment fueled his flame for science ftp server kostenlos download. Or should we say burner? He achieved a doctorate at 19, and then traveled extensively for a few years across Europe visiting various scientific marvels of the time herunterladen. Doing so, he was able to establish the essential network of contacts that anyone needs when trying to make great strides in any field. Important keys to success then- networking, and having stuff named after you windows 7 updates neu herunterladen.

Shouldn’t we take a moment to marvel at the time tested discoveries he made in the 19th century? Even if hearing “Dr. Bunsen” kind of reminds you of a Muppet’s skit, bringing images of sparks flying and frizzed hair with a live burner in the foreground as someone possibly on fire runs around barely in view image j herunterladen. Not that there’s anything wrong with seeing humor in science, of course. But there’s nothing funny about lives saved from arsenic poisoning (yes, that still happens) vrr ticket herunterladen. It is Bunsen’s discovery that’s still used today, of iron oxide hydrate as an antidote against arsenic. Arsenic is a nasty thing to suffer through natur musik kostenlos downloaden.

Our birthday boy, Robert Bunsen was a dedicated lecturer when not in lab conducting his experiments. He collaborated with Gustav Kirchhoff in developing a spectroscope that they used to discover new alkali metals kostenlos hörspiele herunterladen. This development allowed a valuable way to discover elements and add to the table we all know and love on every chemistry class’ wall. He worked on important and dangerous research that made him instantly famous in the scientific community. Dealing with highly poisonous and flammable arsenic derivatives (cacodyls) that even smelled horrible was bound to get him at least a little infamous. Don’t we all love the person in the lab who’s working with the dangerous stinky stuff? There’s always one.

Useful discoveries followed Bunsen throughout his life, including work in batteries and heat generation for cities. He retired at 78 to follow up with his love of geology as a hobby. We can thank him for many achievements, possibly the least of which being the one we all know of by his name. Put away the

lighters and strike up a burner in honor of the great birthday boy Dr. Robert Bunsen.