How Workshifting Can Save a Relationship and Benefit a Career

Today’s post is from Seamus Kink, Country Leader for Australia, Citrix Online Services Division.


I’m delighted to see that Australian organizations are ahead of the game when it comes to offering mobile work styles fortnite for free german. Recent research from the Citrix Global Workshifting Index shows that locally, around 40 percent of companies currently offer workshifting to employees and by 2013 that figure is set to rise to 95 percent, which is slightly above the global average Download old games for free. It is great to see Australia leading the pack.

Workshifting is highly valuable to individuals but also to companies – offering a unique win-win situation zoom videobellen downloaden windows.

I recently heard of a really great example of how workshifting actually enabled a company to retain the best talent for the job while the individual was able to maintain a happy relationship with his family paypal transaktionen herunterladen.

About a year ago, a possible dilemma was presented to a professional couple. The wife had asked the husband to move to Indonesia because she was getting a job transfer winrar download for free german full version. At first, he had all sorts of doom visions – giving up his career, moving to a country where he didn’t speak the language and needing to find a new job seriesjunkies complete staffel download. Although his wife was transferring with her company, the single pay check would probably not be enough to support them both in the lifestyle they were accustomed to herunterladen. Plus, he enjoyed his job and wanted to work and feel that he was contributing and adding value.

The choice was this – either he stay behind, turning his marriage into a long-distance relationship for the sake of his job, or else he try to find a new job in Indonesia, which would probably mean having to take a step down in his career as well as maybe even a pay cut lg smartphone bilder herunterladen.

For his company the problem would be that they were about to lose a great employee and would have to find and train a replacement. Rather than losing a valued member of their team, the gentleman’s company decided they would trial letting him work remotely from Indonesia omsi 2 herunterladen. Thanks to the company’s desktop virtualization solution, and collaboration tools such as Citrix GoToMeeting, he was able to easily work not just away from the office, but on another continent download pictures instagram.

A daunting move turned into a brilliant opportunity; he was able to experience the excitement of a new country and keep his current job and income. Six months later, the trial turned out to be quite successful and a win-win situation for the company and the couple.

Organizations are recognizing that giving people the ability to work from anywhere can benefit both parties. The business reaps the rewards of a highly mobile and agile business with increased productivity and lower costs, while people have the flexibility to choose the ideal time, place and device for their work.

Workshifting really makes a difference – not just to employees, but to companies as well. It offers a unique ability to improve work-life balance and to provide a level of flexibility that may not have been attainable with the more traditional work style of the past. I am really pleased to see more businesses globally are embracing mobile work styles, as it will change the way we work and the way we live.

Photo credit: WTL Photos