Intel Puts Jobs in Your Pocket

Apple iPhone and Google Android ‘Jobs at Intel’ Mobile Apps Allow Job Seekers to Search Employment Opportunities Worldwide Using Smartphones


MobileAppiPhone04.jpgJob seekers can search open positions and save search history and favorites using the Jobs at Intel mobile app for Apple iPhone herunterladen. (Flickr photo)

Facing an ongoing battle to attract top-tier technology talent, Intel has extended employment opportunity discovery to the two dominant mobile platforms herunterladen. Job seekers can now search open jobs at Intel, for any location worldwide, using an Android or iPhone mobile app.


Available from iTunes and Google Play, the “Jobs at Intel” mobile apps launched in April allow job seekers to search open jobs at the company by title, keyword or location, store search history, save searches and set up job alerts herunterladen. Those interested in open positions can also interact with Intel employees via Facebook and Twitter and watch “Life at Intel” videos using the apps stronghold collection download kostenlos.


“It puts Intel jobs in your pocket so you can look at them anytime you want,” said Teresa Chiappone, program manager for Intel download the walking lock. “The freedom of using a smart device is that it’s on your time.”


Intel expects that the mobile apps will make discovering opportunities at Intel more convenient, which is crucial in the tech industry where competition for talent is fierce adressbuch herunterladen outlook 2016. “There’s such a war for talent that almost everyone we want to hire is probably employed right now,” said Keith Molesworth, global staffing channels manager for Intel microsoft access herunterladen. “We want to be available for them everywhere on every platform they use.”


Early in the development process, Intel looked at mobile apps used by other employers for job search and recruiting komplette homepageen. Though offerings from technology companies that compete directly for the same employee talent were scant, several other corporations, including AT&T, PepsiCo and Sodexo, became important reference points komplette wikipedia downloaden.


“When we started developing the apps, there weren’t any direct talent competitors, but we saw companies that were at the forefront and we wanted to be there as well,” Molesworth said anki overdrive app herunterladen. Having a mobile application will soon “become an expectation,” he said. “This is going to become standard.”


Maintaining a leadership position in the tech industry is important to recruiting top talent, but greater awareness of job opportunities can also change legacy perceptions about the chipmaker, according to Molesworth.


“People think of Intel as a hardware company, but we’re one of the larger software employers in the country,” he said.


With the first generation now launched, the “Jobs at Intel” app will soon be coming to the iPad, and future versions may allow applicants to apply for jobs from a mobile device.


MobileAppAndroid.jpgThe Jobs at Intel mobile app for Android phones includes features such as job search and “Life at Intel” videos. (Flickr photo)



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