Workshifting – The Introvert’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?


I’ve been dipping my toes into the workshifting pool since 2009 herunterladen. It’s been an ideal set of circumstances for an introvert like me, as I work in a quiet space where I can control my daily dosage of interruption and interaction origin spiel downloaden. Ideal, that is, until too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

Introverts need interaction, too. That is just human nature 101. We’re neither anti-social nor hermits, despite the stereotypes, and although we can work well within self-imposed solitary confinement, it’s not always what we should do herunterladen.

Introverts who work in a standard office setting get their daily dosage of interaction by default. Introverts who workshift have it harder – it’s too easy to focus on a project or assignment and forget that there is an external world that we need to be part of, too canon toolbox herunterladen!

So, after basking in every introvert’s dream for the past 3 years, I realized that I needed some balance. Sometimes, my workdays are intense, and I really can only focus on work ps4 update 6.72 not possible. I don’t fight my introverted habits on those days as that would adversely affect my productivity. Other days, when my schedule is lighter, I remind myself to explore new spaces to workshift from, make time to see friends or volunteer programm um musik zu downloaden kostenlos. Herein lies the beauty of workshifting!

However, I still have not perfected this delicate work-life balance of being an introvert in an extrovert’s world gzsz downloaden. Some weeks I overcommit to work and social activities, to the point of mental and physical collapse! So, what do I do?

I nurture my introverted ways, spend time in my quiet office and appreciate the luxury of choice star stable horse herunterladen. Soon, I am refreshed and ready to dip my other toes back into the world where extroverts abound, learn as much from them as I can and take that newfound knowledge back to a quiet space to process in my head how to download youtube songs.

Photo credit: Dirk Dallas