Today we have a guest post from Erran Carmel. Erran is a management professor at the American University Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C herunterladen. His new coauthored book is titled I’m Working While They’re Sleeping: Time Zone Separation Challenges and Solutions movies from mediathek mac.


Timeshifting while workshifting is a key challenge for the global professional.Timeshifting means adjusting your schedule to accommodate someone else’s work hours in order to synchronize and “converge” in your thinking from many time zones away mp4 player kostenlos chip.

Timeshifters stay up till 10:00 PM to meet with a colleague in Beijing. Timeshifters decree that every Wednesday is Tel Aviv Day, and the U.S.-based worker starts at 5:00 AM to overlap schedules with the distant tech team herunterladen.

In fact, timeshifting is so critical that we devoted an entire chapter to this subject in our new book about coordination across time zones. (This post is abridged from chapter 1.) We also coined a term for the hero of our book: the zoner imovieen gratis. Zoners are the globalized workers who are comfortable timeshifting and traveling across time zones.

Zoners have a deeply ingrained sense of temporal distance wie kann ich die corona app herunterladen. We think that this temporal awareness is analogous to spatial ability: there are those who can read maps and take directions well and those who cannot (who are frequently lost) herunterladen. We think zoners are born with some of their abilities, but these, of course, are refined with experience.

Zoners are less likely to be confused by time zone computations, while others never seem to remember how many time zones away California happens to be, habitually missing meetings because of the misunderstanding hp officejet 2620 treiber herunterladen. Zoners are able to keep in mind the perennial problem of time-zone differences.

The tools and tricks zoners use

Zoners use, and when adjusting the time zone on their Outlook calendars and smartphones herunterladen. They pack their bags with melatonin, and when they wake up in a strange place, they always know what time it is. Zoners are also good sleepers, since their life involves a lot of timeshifting herunterladen.

They also know the special tricks of multi-time-zone work. For example, one important trick is to tackle time-zone-induced delays by breaking the email chain. The email chain begins when, in asynchronous communication, the sender initiates a message, and the receiver on the other side of the globe asks for clarification. The original sender attempts to explain, but the receiver, still confused, sends another request for clarification. Meanwhile, an entire week has passed. Zoners stop this chain early by picking up the phone to clarify the message and move the task along.

Are you a zoner? Share your stories and strategies below.

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk