130th Birthday of Brazilian Author Monteiro Lobato

April 18th marks the birthday of Brazilian author Monteiro Lobato, born 1882 in Taubaté, Brazil. In his 66 years he became famous as a writer and publisher, and an initiator of the Modernist movement sweeping Brazilian literature of the early 19th Century herunterladen.

imageBorn José Bento Monteiro Lobato, this iconic author for Brazil was first a lawyer and coffee planter, working hard days alongside his toiling people antivirus app android kostenlos download. Lobato began his writing career with a letter to a San Paulo newspaper where he owned a farm, telling them of the droughts and brushfires that the interior of his region was suffering Download the latest internet explorer for free. Surprisingly, the editor of this paper wanted more articles from the charismatic writer and Monteiro Lobato offered up sketches and short stories. These would later be compiled in his book Urupês (“Mushrooms”) in1918 herunterladen. In these small tales, Lobato introduced a character Jeca Tatu (“Joe Armadillo”), who would eventually come to represent the Brazilian farmer.

Through his career as an author, Monteiro Lobato also proved an influential and politic intellectual unfall simulator kostenlos downloaden. A municipality of San Paulo, Brazil where he lived is even named after him. Though writing fiction, serving as a translator and even an art critic, he became most famous for his children’s books herunterladen. He created a series of educational but entertaining ones called, “O Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo” (“Yellow Woodpecker Farm”) that became Brazilian classics for children herunterladen. They must be astounding for an art critic to become so beloved.

Monteiro Lobato shaped the literature world of Brazil through his tales as well as influence off the page, founding one of Brazil’s first publishing houses and supporting Brazilian nationalism herunterladen. He found an engaging and creative way to teach kids subjects they wouldn’t usually like in school, such as mathematics, grammar, and history. Lobato even throws in some political and world views to his young audience stronghold collection download kostenlos.

A true Brazilian icon, Monteiro Lobato was once arrested by the then dictatorial government in1941 (age 59) because of his libertarian views on having a state monopoly for oil exploration in rather than having international corporations controlling a Brazilian resource download the walking lock. So much more than a children’s book author, Lobato will long be remembered as a wise and profound shaper of Brazil, both in culture and politics. Monteiro Lobato’s birthday will be much honored all across Brazil and should be respected globally for his gifts to literature.