Earth Day 2012

imageEarth Day on April 22nd: finally, a holiday for everyone; the entire globe herunterladen. Or at least the part of it with concern about, well… the globe. Until we have a Solar-system or Universe Day, Earth Day is the one time that unites all peoples to one purpose youtube all videos from one channel. On this planet we all share (or sometimes don’t share so well), there might as well be a time to give back to the place that sustains us.

With the wane of every April since 1970, the US has been celebrating Earth Day, or at least trying to dropbox mac. Even on Earth Day 2012, I’m entirely sure there will be those out there claiming Earth Day as just “hippy talk”. And they are perfectly entitled to their opinions ncs expert german free. Meanwhile, millions gather in a peaceful unifying way in the beauty of spring and often to do something useful like tree planting or local park restoration ms dos german free. “Hippy talk” or not, that’s lovely.

In 1970, U.S. Senator Nelson created Earth Day as a way to “get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy.” He wanted to finally compel the environment on to the national agenda so that progress could be made normen illegal downloaden. After all, the environment is not a state-wide issue. It’s global. Why not bring the whole nation in on it united? Some 20 million Americans demonstrated across the US that first year, so it seemed to work samsung kies kostenlos deutsch. That was also the year Congress authorized the new separate federal agency for environmental issues, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).image

The EPA gets some negative criticism, like any federal agency, but what other agency is trying to look out for your clean air, water, and cancer free living herunterladen? By the year 2000, participation in Earth Day had expanded to over 184 countries, thus voicing concerns about recycling, pollution issues, and concerns for alternative energy sources, wildlife, and global climate change minecraft pocket edition kostenlos herunterladen für pc.

There are hundreds of efforts to participate in during the week of Earth Day, spanning from international non-profit agencies to small local groups herunterladen. You can dig in and get dirty in a park planting native plant species or clearing out noxious invasive species that do a lot of damage, or you can simply settle down for an Earth friendly picnic and watch live music at a festival. In fact, The Nature Conservancy is attempting to organize a record breaking global picnic in an effort to get people out into nature during the freshness of spring, and increase awareness of their environment at the same time. Plus feed people. Who doesn’t like a good picnic (unless you live where there’s an excess of mosquitoes, possibly due to a lack of their natural predators)?

Earth Day 2012 brings information and possible solutions to the concerns just listed and more, as well as hundreds of quick easy activities almost anyone, young to time-refined, can take part in to either learn about environmental issues and/or help fix them. Every little bit helps, as each raindrop adds to a flood, especially when the whole Earth is chipping in, even for one day.  Try to make your concern for this grand rock on which you live last longer than a Earth Day however, and keep it a healthy vibrant place to reside and pass on to the next generation. Little things like bringing a reusable travel mug for your morning coffee, or getting more energy efficient appliances can really make a difference.  Only YOU can prevent pollution.