Home-Working Essentials


About a year ago, I ran a series on my website where readers sent in photos and descriptions of their favorite bits from their workshifting kits dragon games for free. I find it’s one of those topics that most often crop up when I talk with home workers face to face or online. They mention the items that they couldn’t work without or that brighten their home-working day, and I began to notice that these items always fit into the same groups:


Hardly surprising, computers, routers and phones are at the top of many lists, since these are the key pieces of equipment that allow us to work from home or on the move excel error whening the template. Also worth mentioning, Apple aficionados tend talk about their kit with an affection and enthusiasm not often encountered among PC users!

Food and drink

Workshifting is often synonymous with working from coffee shops these days, as coffee appears to be the fuel that keeps most of us running, even here in the UK, traditionally a nation of tea drinkers patientenverf├╝gung gratisen.

When talking about their kits, very few people just generically list “coffee.” Far from it – some people mention favorite coffee shops while others detail their methods of brewing it at home kostenlos briefpapier downloaden. And we are particular about not only the coffee maker but also what to drink the coffee out of, with favorite mugs getting frequent mentions.

And when you make a hot drink, what better to go with it than a snack to munch on musik downloaden von amazon music? At the top of the list on my highly unscientific sampling are toast and what the supermarkets call “bakery goods” – muffins, bagels, tea cakes, etc photoshop download op mac. Caffeine and carbs provide just the shot we need to keep going, although many people also noted that too much bread made them sleepy.

Personal favorites

Most often mentioned here are children (not everyone wants them well out of sight and hearing when there’s work to be done) and animals – both domestic pets and wildlife music from spotify download legal. I can vouch for the soothing effect and sheer humor of watching the antics of new-born lambs in a neighboring field. And when we’re not looking out of the window, we gain great enjoyment from home-office accessories, whether they are purely decorative or highly functional instagram bild herunterladen ios.

Is there anything that you can’t do without during your workshifting day or that simply gives you pleasure? Is there another category that I’m missing lebenslauf bei xing downloaden?

Photo credit: San Sharma, Worksnug.com