How To Record Xbox, PS3, or Wii, Video Game Commentaries Or Reviews Using Roxio Game Capture

Making Xbox, PS3, Nintendo, or PC Game Commentary videos is very popular on Youtube.  Roxio Game Capture makes it really easy to make great looking, and sounding game reviews, and commentaries.

For making basic videos you won’t even need any editing software you can just “shoot” and post.  If you want something more advanced like this video with Picture in Picture, you will want to check out getting a copy of Avid microsoft planner herunterladen.

Roxio Game Capture makes this easy. 


There Are Five basic steps, and then a few additional steps if you want to capture and record your voice at the same time.

First, we will talk about how to setup your Roxio Game Capture Software:

Power off your Xbox® 360 or PlayStation® 3. Connect the console specific Component AV cable* to the A/V port of your gaming unit creo 2.0 kostenlosen. For the Xbox 360, the HDMI connector cable needs to be removed to make room for the Component AV cable. Plug in the Component Video and RCA Audio cables to the inputs on the Roxio GameCAP device.

Connect the Component Video cables between the outputs of the Roxio GameCAP device and the Component Video inputs to your TV.

Connect the RCA Audio cables between the outputs of the Roxio GameCAP device and the audio inputs to your TV herunterladen.

Connect the USB to the Roxio GameCAP device and the USB2.0 port of your laptop or PC.

Now, how to record commentary while capturing game footage from your gaming console (Xbox, PS3, Wii):


Step 1 –
Right click on the Speaker icon in your Taskbar then click on Recording Devices. You will see a screen similar to the below image.
The two devices you are going to edit are the PC Microphone and the Roxio GAMECAP windows 7 update cancel. Now what you want is probably the ‘Microphone’ device.
Addition: Go to recording devices and right click a open space and make sure "Show Disabled Devices" is checked and then enable ‘Stereo Mix’. Additionally, you may need to enable your PC Microphone.
Step 2 –
Click on your PC Microphone,now click on ‘Properties’ in the bottom right corner pokemon rom legalen. A new window will pop up, click on the ‘Listen’ tab. You should see similar to below image.
Check ‘Listen to this device’.The audio will be played through your Soundcard which should be the default setting.
Step 3 –
Click on the ‘Levels’ tab. This is the recording volume of the PC Microphone. You will need to balance this with the game audio later, keep it between 10 and 20 tomtom rider 500 routesen.
Click OK to save the settings. Now go back to the Recording Devices window.
Step 4 –
Click on the ‘Roxio GAMECAP’ device and then click on ‘Properties’ herunterladen. A new window will pop up, click on the ‘Listen’ tab. It will look like the below image.
Step 5 –
Check ‘Listen to this device’ because you will want the audio going through the Soundcard.
Step 6 –
Click on the ‘Levels’ tab. This is game audio volume. It may record too loud so try 0 first, as shown in the below image
Click on OK to save settings and then click OK on the Recording Devices window to save everything where can I download word and excel for free.
Step 7 –
Now open Roxio Game Capture software. Go to the Options button and a new window will pop up like shown below.
Click on the ‘Audio Input’ tab now change the Device from ‘Line (Roxio GAMECAP)’ to the PC Soundcard, in some cases it is the Stereo Mix (SoundMAX Integrated) device with iphone videos.
Click on OK to save the settings.
Step 8 –
Try a test recording while playing a game and speaking into the microphone. If it works right you should have game audio and commentary in your video.
Hopefully this gets everyone started. It may take some volume tweaking to get everything perfect sims 4 cc möbel kostenlos downloaden.
Its possible to go a step further and record Xbox Live Party Chat. There is an option on the dashboard to output game chat to Headset/TV Speakers/Both. This will *not* record your own voice but it will record everyone else in the party. The use of a second microphone or the Astro A40 to record your voice is needed.

Tada! You are all done.  Enjoy your new found fame and fortune as a YouTube Video Game Commentator.  (And your mom said nothing would ever come of all those hours you play Halo).