A Workshifting Wake-Up Call


I was recently offered a full-time position with a growing start-up company icloud herunterladen. The job would highlight my client relationship and project management skills perfectly while allowing me to slide back into a fully functional corporate role, similar to what I have held in the past operating system for free.

Exciting and flattering? Yes! A good fit? No. Why? Well, what the position would not give me is any flexibility.

After querying the organizational financials, product and client base, I saved the most important question for last: “What is the organization’s culture around flexible hours?” I quickly added that my total hours worked would likely exceed 55 per week, as my hours do now, but I wondered how flexible I could be within that sum wetransfer allesen.

Needless to say, the start-up’s response was not too encouraging. They were much like the current majority of organizations, where working 9 to 5 is still the norm – particularly for those hoping to achieve some measure of success and corporate kudos filme für kinder zum downloaden. To say I was disappointed at the response would be quite true; to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Am I living in a workshifting wonderland whatsapp spion kostenlosen? I thought. Why are so many organizations still not open to allowing their best resources to work flexibly and therefore achieve the best results for the company dvd cover downloaden?

Aside from the fact that open-mindedness toward workshifting is still in its infancy, I realized that many (traditional) organizations probably hold a few fears and misconceptions hearts download. They erroneously believe that remote employees:

  • Are never available when needed
  • Take advantage of the company’s time and use work hours for personal luxuries
  • Are impossible to track and manage
  • Make the company work around their schedules and not vice versa

By understanding the myths of the workshifting lifestyle from a non-workshifting organization’s point of view, we can alleviate these fears visual studio c++ download for free. Given the right employee, the right technology and the right intentions, none of the above is true. Rather, if organizations can acknowledge the reality and potential that remote work arrangements offer, we will all be closer to a world of workshifting acceptance foto downloaden macbook.

Photo credit: silentmind8