Murad Skin Care Products: A Great Way To Have Healthy Skin During The Summer

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin and with Murad – Everyday Values, Exclusive Deals Skin Care it will take you one step closer but Murad isn’t only skin deep. Dr. Murad states enthusiastically, “I developed Inclusive Health to give the world a practical, science-based approach to optimizing health and controlling the aging process. Discover how Inclusive Health can help you to look and feel as young as possible!” The Inclusive Health program uses both conventional Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine and creates the ideal environment for cellular health — thereby creating the best possible environment for complete body health. Utilizing a three-pronged approach of topical, internal and emotional self-care, Inclusive Health wants you to become healthier by helping every cell in your body. Murad has such a wide range of skin care products from acne care, to anti-aging, to cellulite treatments, and more. Many of these products being awarded by Allure, Star, SHAPE and InStyle magazines. Murad didn’t forget about men they created a mens care line which cleanses and conditions for a superior shave; reduces redness, irritation and clogged follicles; and prevents damage to keep skin looking young and fresh. Now summer is upon us, that means we spend more time outside. Naturally ,our skin is exposed to more UV radiation and toxins from pollutants than it is the rest of the year. This exposure makes our body produce free radicals which are oxygen molecules missing an electron. These free radicals attack other molecules in our body to try and replace the missing electrons, which causes premature wrinkles, sun and age spots, and other signs of aging. Not to worry though because all of Murad skin care products have antioxidants and with programs that offer customized skin evaluations you can get exactly what your skin needs and eating an antioxidant-rich diet your skin will be carefree all summer long.