Aja HD Component to HD-SDI Break Out Box Review

The Aja HD Component to HD-SDI Break Out Box is what professionals use for capturing video game walk throughs or demo footage from Xbox or PS3.

The AJA HD10AVA is an Analog Audio/Video to HD/SD-SDI Converter that works with a component, composite, or Y/C signal. It operates at a dual rate offering high definition and standard definition functionality.

You have the ability to select the embedding process, accepting HD/SD analog video and balanced audio, and embedding four channels of digital audio with the SDI video signal. The dual rate device automatically detects the type of analog input; it is compatible with standard definition or high definition video signals. The HD10AVA (balanced analog audio) supports 4 analog audio input channels (2 stereo pairs) at 48 KHz. These inputs are connected via a supplied cable that attaches to a D-connector on the converter. Connections are made via high quality XLRs. There are break out cables that allow the main device to be a compact size; all channels of audio are input on a multi-pin connector breaking out to XLR and BNC connectors.

Some controls on the device are slide switches which include embedded on/off, channel pairs 1/2-3/4, input group select 1-4, output group select 1-4 and audio level pro/consumer.

This is a great product would recommend it.