Razer Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 Controller Review

The Razer Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 Controller has back lit buttons, and adjustable analog sticks. With two programmable buttons, it is definitely unique, but I still prefer my Modded Controller amazon prime download app.

The two programmable buttons are above the trigger buttons, you can put the commands you think most important at your fingertips, which is a great feature youtube videos herunterladen macbook. The adjustable resistance analog sticks are freely adjustable letting you fine-tune the force needed to tilt the analog stick, which gives you resistance to get the best precision in any genre herunterladen. The backlit hyperesponse action buttons make for faster fire shots and initiate combos instantaneously, with a reassuring crisp feedback. The buttons have a shorter travel distance and minimized debounce time to increase speed to stay ahead of you competition. 

The Razer Onza has a rubberized surface good for grip twitch app herunterladen. Comes with a super long 15 Foot long braided cable. A great precision D-pad. Comes with a  quick release USB connecter as well.

Unfortunately, the quality does suck after a month or so the thumbsticks seem to be having troubles systemsoftware 6.71 cannot be downloaded. Also, the accuracy goes down and all buttons are not necessary for all games, a lot of buttons with no use, ehh. Many over all reviews have been the same, great when you first get it but after use it becomes a pain and hinders gaming kostenlos musik downloaden ohne app. There are better controller out there.