Sound Blaster Extigy USB Adapter or 5.1 Surround Pro Review

It works, it sounds good. Nice that you can leave it on your desk. Drivers were a little flaky on Windows 7 64 Bit. Great way to get 5.1 audio out of you laptop, if you have a laptop this is a perfect option Download and install psp games. Convenient that it has a head phone jack, the line in and the microphone jack. Also has the set of outputs for stereo or 5.1. The volume control on the Sound Blaster had a little difficulty registering the software so couldn’t use the knob on it herunterladen. But, if you get it all set up obviously it should be usable. Like the way it looks its sleek and sexy. The Sound Blaster is small and can be easily transported really something that is convenient.  Also, sold under the name Sound Blaster 5.1 Surround Pro android outlook images.