June 2012 Transit of Venus and What It Means to You

The last transit of Venus in our lifetime. What does this mean? This means that Venus passes in between Earth and the Sun on the same plane and the planets are aligned on the same side of the Sun java 32 bit kostenlos deutsch. This takes place in between June Fifth and Sixth depending on where you are on Earth.  The transit will be visible for North America, Central America and North Western part of South America on June Fifth at sunset herunterladen. Unfortunately for the rest of South America it will not be visible. West Africa and some of Western Europe will also not be able to see the transit. East Africa, Eastern Europe and some of Asia will see the transit on June Sixth at sunrise herunterladen. The remaining regions of Earth will be able to witness the entire transit. Venus and Earth align every 16 years but Venus transits can only occur when the planes of their orbit meet and the next transit is not going to occur until Dec angry birds download kostenlos deutsch. 11, 2117. To be more specific, the passing-over phenomenon occurs only twice in a typical person’s lifetime. Two transits occur eight years apart, but each pair is separated by either 105.5 years or 121.5 years routeyou download op garmin. The last transit of Venus was in 2004. It is possible to watch the passing of Venus but make sure to wear the correct safety glasses.  Never gaze at the sun directly due to the fact that it may cause damage to your retinas smartwatch app herunterladen. You may be able to find the correct viewing glasses at a science-center gift shop, observatory or camera shop. You may also use your telescope but again make sure to put the correct filter over the front aperture which is a special made solar filter dropbox multiple photos download iphone. Another option is to find an astronomer who can educate you more thoroughly about the passing and answer any questions you may have, even your local astronomy club will be partying it up word downloaden windows 8. Have fun watching the transit of Venus.