Logitech Harmony Remote 650 Vs Xbox 360 Edition And Review

I prefer the Xbox 360 Harmony Remote to the Harmony 650 because of the Xbox Specific buttons. The Xbox buttons come in handy for accessing the media functions of the game console–or for whatever other function.

The white, silver, and green motif match the Xbox and you can see it clearly when looking for it, not like all the black remotes that seem to be always disappearing. The Logitech Harmony for Xbox 360 has so many buttons which include a complete numeric keypad, full playback transport controls, a four-way directional pad and four Xbox 360-specific buttons. The four buttons correspond to the color-coded X, Y, A and B, buttons on the Xbox controller. uses four AAA batteries.

A cool feature is the energy-sapping neon-green backlight but if left on it lasts for a little more than a week. While that’s an extreme case, it highlights one of the remote’s biggest flaws; it really could have benefited from a recharger dock.

Scince there are a few dozen component types, such as TV, A/V receiver, and DVD player, and hundreds of manufacturers within each one of those, happily the software is pretty forgiving, and as long as you have the company name and model number, it should be able to cull the commands for your product. It can hold a maximum of 12 devices in its memory, which should be plenty for any one entertainment center. Defiantly recommend this remote.