Carmen Electra Peek-A-Boo Portable Pole Dancing Kit Unboxing And Review

Lauren helps me unbox the Carmen Electra Peek-A-Boo Pole Dancing Kit which will later be used to hold my 55 inch plasma TV so we needed to load test it first. The kit is actually pretty awesome with and despite having instructions that say the top mount needs to be anchored we had no problem playing with just a friction fit. So while I bought it not as a Stripper pole, but as a TV mount I think it would do a good job in either role. And the $100 I decided to blow on this was way cheaper than buying a chrome pipe and figuring out the fittings to make it work ceiling to floor.

The package comes with a completely portable carry case and extender pole for high ceilings and it’s easy to install. The pole is a high quality chrome steel sectional that needs no extra hardware to use. It weighs about 16 pounds.

I would say its great for the TV mount but for using it for stripping and doing spins and trick do not get this one. The pole moves when you spin and when pulled enough eventually falls down. This is very dangerous for people whom want to climb and do the tricks. While tried on carpet and tile the pole still moved and was not sturdy. Although this was cheap it would be best to spend the extra money and not kill yourself. But like previously said great for mounting things you can purchase here.